Cookie Policy

A cookie, in the digital realm, is not a delectable baked good but rather a file carrying an identifier—a unique string of letters and numbers. This file is transmitted from a web server to a user’s web browser, where it finds a temporary home. Each time the browser requests a page from the server, this identifier tags along, facilitating a smoother exchange of information.

Now, cookies come in two distinct flavors: “persistent” and “session.” A persistent cookie takes residence in a user’s web browser and lingers until its predetermined expiry date. It’s only evicted early if the user decides to clear their digital cache. On the flip side, a session cookie has a more transient existence, bidding farewell at the conclusion of the user’s session—when they close their web browser.

Crucially, cookies do not harbor information that can directly pinpoint a user’s identity. However, the data we have stored about you might be associated with the information derived from cookies.

Purposes of Cookies Usage

  1. Authentication: Cookies serve as virtual identification badges, recognizing you when you land on our website and as you navigate within it.
  2. Status: We employ cookies to discern whether you are logged into our website, streamlining your user experience.
  3. Personalization: Cookies act as memory banks, storing details about your preferences and customizing the website to align with your tastes.
  4. Security: An integral component of our security measures, cookies help thwart fraudulent use of login credentials, fortifying user accounts, and safeguarding our website and services.
  5. Advertising: Cookies lend a hand in presenting advertisements tailored to your interests, enhancing your overall online experience.
  6. Analysis: We utilize cookies as analytical tools to dissect the patterns and performance of our website and services, aiming for continuous improvement.
  7. Cookie Consent: Cookies also play a role in preserving your preferences concerning the broader use of cookies.

Cookies Used by Our Service Providers

In the intricate web of online services, our service providers also partake in the cookie ritual. These cookies, too, may find a home on your computer when you navigate through our website.

Understanding and acknowledging our use of cookies is essential to your continued engagement with our platform. If you have any queries or concerns about our Cookie Policy, we encourage you to review our detailed privacy documentation or reach out to us directly. Your privacy and digital experience are paramount to us, and we are committed to maintaining the trust you place in our services.

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